Ad-Hoc Transition Bulletin

April 17, 2018

Shalom, Everyone! 

During the Jewish Deaf Congress Conference (JDC) last summer, a JDC ad hoc Transition Committee was established to review the JDC mission, structure, and operations. 

The members of the JDC committee are: Marla Berkowitz, Steve Brenner, Jeffrey Buxbaum, Jeff Cohen, Jeffrey Dunefsky, Lance Fischer, Vicki Lowen, Iris Mars, Tracey Rattner, Elliott Richman, Roz Rosen, Ellen Roth, Lloyd Shikin, and Scott Vinegar.  Lance Fischer and Roz Rosen are co-chairs.

Each ad hoc committee member is involved on various subcommittees, focusing on vital areas such as membership, mission and goals, public relations, finances, and strategic planning. We have met virtually and shared our input on these issues. However, we realize that we need more information from the community before we finalize anything.

JDC exists for you, the individual members and local Jewish Deaf organizations in North America. We need to know what you need from JDC and what you think JDC can do for you, and for the Jewish Deaf community. We have our own ideas, but we are a small group, and don’t want to be limited by this.

We will be sending a survey this Spring to local Jewish Deaf organizations and to individuals, seeking your input on your background and needs. When you receive the survey, please – please! — take the time to respond, and feel free to share the survey with friends, family, and other members of your group that we might not have reached. Tell us about the positive things JDC has done and can do. Tell us what you think JDC could be doing and how it can be changed for the better. Tell us about your vision for what JDC can become, how it can be part of your lives.

You are important to us and to the future of JDC.

Thank you,

The JDC Ad Hoc Transition Committee and 

Lance Fischer and Roz Rosen, co-chairs 

More information on the JDC Ad Hoc Transition Committee and its workings is posted on our Facebook page. Please visit (and like) the Jewish Deaf Congress page at

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