Survey Results

February 25, 2019



At the last JDC conference, in the summer of 2017, an ad hoc committee was formed to plan JDC’s future success.

To date, we conducted two surveys that provided us with valuable information. The survey summaries can be viewed online:

Survey Summary Part 1

Survey Summary Part 2

JDC is using this information to guide us as we develop a strategic plan for JDC’s future.

In the past, JDC hosted biennial conferences that were co-hosted with a sponsoring local organization that handled logistics at the conference site. Due to declining attendance, JDC does not consider a conference to be the best or only way to reach the largest number of people. In addition, there is no local Deaf Jewish organization willing to take on a big project like a biennial conference at this time.

The feedback we received from the surveys told us that the members are interested in connecting online and participating in Jewish Deaf life. Education, membership, discussion groups, live streaming, voting, etc., are all deliverables that can be provided online.

JDC is therefore focusing our attention on providing these resources. We are updating and upgrading the JDC website. We will be releasing pilot deliverables later this year to obtain feedback from you so we can continue to improve on what we create as we steer JDC in this new direction. We will announce to the membership when they are available. In the meantime, please do keep in touch with us via the current JDC website or on FB or direct email to Also let us know if you are interested in helping JDC with information or fundraising at this time.

Thank you for staying with us!

The JDC ad hoc Committee on JDC’s Success

Roz Rosen and Lance Fischer, Co-chairs

Iris Mars, Outreach.

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