JDC Hanukkah Message

Hanukkah Greetings to you all from the Jewish Deaf Congress!

Hanukkah begins the eve of Dec 22 this year.

What may Hanukkah mean for Jewish people who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing? Hanukkah is a Festival of the Light, celebrating the Jewish belief in human rights and persistence to overcome barriers. Deaf people are biologically People of the Light, People of the Eye. We are continuously advocating for full and quality access to life. There’s much we do have in common. Here’s an informative Hanukkah link for you. Enjoy!   https://www.aish.com/h/c/

Please consider JDC when making your Hanukkah   end-of-the-year donations. JDC is working to develop Deaf-centric Jewish resources and networks for Deaf people of all ages, families and allies.  Thank you.

Hanukkah Infographic from Aish



Roz & Lance

JDC Co-Chairs


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