List of Affiliates, as of Spring 1990

Board of Directors Representatives

Beth Torah of the Deaf 

Shimon Steinhaus

1712 Ave T

Brooklyn, NY 11229


Boston Hebrew Association of the Deaf 

Leon Goodman

52 Gerry Road 

Brookline, MA 02167


Brooklyn Hebrew Society of the Deaf

Charles Farr

55 Furness Place

Staten Island, NY, 10314


Congregation Bene Shalom, Chicago

Hebrew Association of the Deaf 

Steven Horwich

5134 Wright Terrace

Stokie, IL 60077


Jewish Community Center Association of Florida

Norman Finkelstein

1025 Country Club Dr #202

Margate FL 33063


Jewish Deaf Society of Baltimore

Sheldon Blumenthal

5709 Greenspring 

Baltimore, MD 21209


Los Angeles Hebrew Association of the Deaf 

Elliot Fromberg

9646 Amigo Ave #118

Northridge, CA 91324


New York Hebrew Association of the Deaf 

Milton Cohen 572 Grand St

New York, NY 10002


Philadelphia Hebrew Association of the Deaf 

Hyman Lakin

10 E. Collins Dr

Collings Lakes, NJ 08094


Temple Beth Or of the Deaf 

Robert Geffen

582 Bention Road 

East Meadow, NY 11554


Temple Beth Solomon of the Deaf 

Myron Goldman

13580 Osborne St

Arleta, CA 91331


Temple Emanu-el Community of the Deaf 

Debra Heaphy

P.O. Box 18247

San Francisco, CA 94118


Toronto Jewish Society of hearing Impaired

Martyn Wayne

253 Charlton Ave 

Thornhill, Canada L47 6H3


Washington Society of Jewish Deaf 

Steve Brenner

8400 Jeb Stewart Road 

Rockville, MD 20854


Associate Members


Chabad House Hearing IMpaired Program

Dennis Brown

1629 S. Sherbourne Dr

Los Angeles, CA 90035


Jewish Deaf/Hearing Impaired Council

Nancy Kingsley

199 Scoles Ave 

Clinton, NJ 07012


Jewish Family and Children Services

Lilleta Fink

10125 Verrie Road 

Philadelphia, Pa 19116


Judiaca Captioned Film Center

Lois Weiner

P.O. Box 21439

Batimore, MD 21208