Please Note: The following statements were developed and approved by the Ad Hoc Committee for JDC Success, as a draft living document. We invite further input from you for consideration. These will be finalized during the next JDC conference in 2021.

Mission Statement: JDC functions as an inclusive and accessible Jewish Deaf national organization, network and resource center, rooted in Judaism and Deaf experiences, cultures and values of lifelong Jewish learning to discover, connect and flourish.

It is our goal to revive Jewish Deaf Congress (JDC) so that it can continue its mission to ensure that the Deaf Jewish population can stay in touch with Deaf Jewish people, maintain our Jewish heritage and meet our religious needs. 

Lance Fisher, Co-Chair of Ad Hoc Committee

JDC Mission: 6 Points of Light
Access, Culture, Learning, Fellowship, Spirituality, Heritage. All 6 points surround Jewish Deaf People.
Graphic by Silas Calame

Vision Statement: JDC will inspire Jewish Deaf people, families, allies and professionals with full access to the spirituality, traditions, culture and social heritage of Judaism and of the Deaf community.

JDC Core Guiding Values

1. Inclusive and accessible resource and advocate

2. Jewish traditions and values

3. Deaf community, culture and values including American Sign Language and/or Israeli Sign Language

4. Growth and preservation of spirituality, heritage and fellowship

5. Strong support for Israel and Israeli Deaf Community